Online Programs

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I think there are many reasons to consider furthering your education. One, it opens many doors both career-wise for you, as well as socially you get to meet a whole lot of people and just expand your knowledge.

And if you get a graduate education, you become more attractive to everybody who interests you.

We have many masters degrees online. You can find some in the School of Applied Sciences, School of Business, School of Education.

They're really tailored to the needs of working professionals so people don't have to move to Oxford to pursue these degrees. We realize that people have other obligations, family obligations, career obligations. Some people travel quite a bit, and they need the flexibility to work around the travel schedule as well. So online programs are really good for that sort of thing.

Our faculty work very hard with our team of instructional designers to create online classes that meet student engagement and really get the student involved in their online degree class, working with the faculty members and working with other students in the class. So you get that face-to-face feel within the online programs.

The application process is handled online. The people at the Graduate School are really friendly. If you ever have any kind of technical issue, any kind of questions, they're very fast to respond, very helpful, and very nice to work with, too.

Receiving an online degree from UM holds a tremendous value. You're getting a degree from an R1 accredited, university the same as you would if you were sitting in the class face-to-face.

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