International Students

The application process for international graduate students is quite simple and straightforward. You mostly have to do it online. And in case there are any issues or concerns or if you're confused about something, you can simply email, the UM graduate school, the Office of International Programs, which is a OIP in short, contacts you and then it guides you through the whole visa application process.

We also hope to help you feel welcome and help you understand lots about the school environment, the school program, and what's required of you. Because basically, as an international student, you may not be fully aware of all that operates within both the US and the University of Mississippi.

When I first came here with my wife, it was her first time living in the US. She needed a little bit of time for adjustments, but eventually the nicer weather and friendly people -- I mean people around here is amazing -- They're amazing! We really didn't have any problems liking this town. Yeah.

The OIP connects international students from day one. I think their transfer orientation is very good for meeting your friends and connecting. All international students are put together in the same room and we have activities. Every once in a while as well the office has some events, they have a cultural cafe. I've met a lot of students from all over the world,

The are international student organizations that organize different activities and also student fairs. They nourish the sense of our belonging to this UM community.