Overview of UM

  • The University of Mississippi Graduate School offers 80+ master’s and 40+ doctoral programs
  • 14 of those programs are ranked in the top 100
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University of Mississippi opened in 1848 with 12 faculty and 80 students in one building. University of Mississippi is located in Oxford, Mississippi, of course named after the famous Oxford, England. We're about 90 or so miles from Memphis, Tennessee, which is one of the major cities and the airport that we fly out of.

Since 1870, graduate programs have excelled at the University of Mississippi. In the early 1920s, with a major influx of students coming back from the First World War, the graduate school was officially formed. We started off with a few academic programs in the humanities and in the sciences. And since then, we've really expanded to a variety of programs with medical school, with engineering programs, with applied sciences.

Our reputation is really one that focuses on both excellent teaching, but also world-class research. We were named an R1 or a research-intensive university in 2015 and we maintain that.

I like to think of the fact that there is Mississippi, and then there's Oxford, because it's such a special place. It's a literary place that has brought forth some of the finest authors that the world has ever seen. It's a cultural place. It's an artistic place. And what you'll find out is that, once you're here and once you're a part of it, you'll always be a part of it.