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  • We offer over 40 doctoral programs here at the university
  • Being designated a R1 institution speaks volumes to the university's dedication toward contributing outstanding knowledge to the research community 
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  • Earning a doctoral degree at the university is a feat that our students work diligently to obtain. Each year, we celebrate their accomplishments at the hooding ceremony, knowing they are equipped to begin the next phase of their careers
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Hello, I am AyoOluwa Aderibigbe. I am a PhD student at the University of Mississippi. My emphasis is in Pharmaceutical Sciences, and I am from Nigeria.

Hello, my name is Jangwoo Jo. I'm a doctoral student in Hospitality Management program.

Hi, this is Obaida Shammama from Bangladesh. I am a PhD candidate from the Department of Political Science.

If students are planning to pursue higher education, I recommend them to come to a university like ours, where there's a high focus on good quality research. We are a comprehensive research university. We are Carnegie R1 status. That's the highest level of research activity that Carnegie has, and it puts us in an elite group of institutions around the country.

We've had a large number of PhD graduates coming out each year, and we see that number continuing to grow. Our overall doctoral graduate numbers have exceeded 100 in the past few years. A recent addition is our PhD in Social Welfare

We have a really broad variety of scholarly work going on. Everything from Engineering, to Social Sciences, to Physical Sciences, Psychology, Arts and Humanities. There's just an incredible breadth of scholars here.

Finding ways to get experience that helps the student demonstrate their connection to where they want to go next is really critical. In some cases, the faculty are looking for someone whose research interests aligns with their own. Being familiar with that faculty member's work and the broader research area in which that faculty member works is a really critical piece for those applicants.

There's a nice sort of family atmosphere. We're a large university, but we're not too large. We have, I think, really kind of a sweet spot in our size.

We love that our graduate students get a lot of individual attention from faculty, not only in the research lab but also in their classes.

Here, graduate students can be involved with some of the top researchers in the world in various fields, and actually making a difference and accomplish something in the time of their graduate degree.