Application Process

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A prospective student applies for any of our graduate programs through our online application portal. After they submit it, then it is entered into review to the department of their choosing.

Each program has its own requirements. But generally there's some kind of test score, official transcripts with your GPA, letters of reference, some kind of personal statement. Some programs require a portfolio of professional work that you provide access to.

It can take some time to get those reference letters and test scores, so we do encourage students to start early and not wait until the deadline.

So an ideal candidate is an individual who is seriously interested in conducting research.

At the same time, we do want that student to consider graduate school as job preparation, and learn professional skills, and really treat graduate school a lot like a job.

So what we look for, people who are mature enough to persevere, who can think critically, and who can express themselves well. Everything else we can teach them to do pretty fast.

We believe that with experience, with opportunity, our students can actually change the world and change the state of Mississippi. So if you've got passion, if you have energy, you have drive to learn, the University Mississippi is the place for you.