Student Testimonials


The reason I chose this university, I read a lot of faculty members' CVs and their research activities and everything. It was stellar.

The university is a different environment from anywhere else in the state, which is nice, because I like the diversity, I like the variety, I like meeting different people. My favorite place on campus is the water fountain by the library. It looks pretty and I don't know, it makes me think a little bit of home.

I grew up in one of the biggest cities in the world, so I love small towns. Everybody's really relaxed. The air is clean. No pollution at all.

I think the campus is very safe. There's a guy in our department that he leaves his bike unlocked every single day. Most of campus you can just walk through, and I think that makes a different environment. I don't have a car. So if I had to ride my bike all the way to the other side of campus, I can get there within 10 minutes. So I like that.

My family, when we have time, usually go to the Lamar Park and enjoy the grass and sun and the trail. And there is a really nice lake.

The football game days, that's the one thing I don't want to miss. Because the environment at the Grove is something else.

Teaching people is not an, like, easy job. It has to be with values and visions and missions and everything. So the long history means to me concrete foundation.

Any international that might be interested in coming to the University of Mississippi, I think the first thing I would do would be to encourage to them to come, because I've had a great experience. I have been able to build myself up not just in my research field, but in various other ways. It's a good and welcoming environment to be in.

This program that I'm in lived up to my expectations and exceeded it.