Student Services

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At the University of Mississippi, we're really proud of what we offer in terms of support services for graduate students. So our graduate school helps fund a writing consultant that works specifically with graduate students on campus. It can mean that they're going in and getting a little bit of help with a specific section or getting help with grammar. They work with a wide range of issues. And we have students that engage in a graduate writing group. So they support one another in making progress and getting that dissertation done.

Other support services on campus include opportunities to be involved in student organizations and leadership.

There are exercise facilities. Also, there are facilities available to help with troubles that they might face, such as a food bank on campus if they're running short of food. There are counseling services and academic advising services through the Career Center.

The Career Center here at the University of Mississippi works well with our graduate students. They provide a number of workshops for graduate students on everything from applying for an applied job or in industry as well as academic jobs. They'll work with students on their resumes and their CVs. They'll also help with cover letters. And they can help you in searching for a job.

We want the students to be successful, to enjoy their time, but also to be able to develop, to be qualified for a really excellent career paths. So we want to be with them and help them along the way all through their education time and also into the future.

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