Master's Programs

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  • Although we also offer many doctoral programs, often students are drawn to the master’s first as the beginning of their advanced studies, as a means to further their skillset for the job market or to prepare them for doctoral studies


There's a huge variety of master's programs that students interested in graduate school can choose from.

From Southern studies to anthropology to biology.

The MBA program, we have an accounting program, the integrated marketing communication program.

I think that you find it across the campus-- education, for example, in psychology, for example. It's a must that you go through some very practical experience, you know, working with people and working with clients.

Whether it's filming a documentary, doing some biomechanics stuff, or participating in field learning.

My program provides a lot of hands-on experience. We get to do a lot of presentations where we work with different campaigns.

Ethiopian Airlines-- that's actually a client that the campaigns class took on. Students actually flew out to Ethiopia.

We have faculty here from the entire country and from all over the world who come to teach and do research at our institution.

And all of our professors have actually worked in the field that we're trying to get to. So they're bringing us practical experience from their careers.

The student-faculty ratio is quite low. I actually have a cohort of 18 students.

We get such a chance to work very closely and very intimately with people and that helps you understand how to work with people. When they leave, they'll be much more equipped to establish those same kinds of very close, mutually beneficial relationships with their peers and supervisors that they experience once they're here. They should be able to walk into any professional environment or any PhD program and do exceptionally well.