Costs & Financial Aid


So students fund their graduate education at the University of Mississippi in a number of ways. Many of our students are on graduate assistantships, which not only have a stipend with them, but also a tuition scholarship of some sort. We also have a couple of different recruiting fellowships for students that are highly competitive, as well as students that come from diverse backgrounds and help us reach our goals for inclusive excellence. And we do have some students who pursue funding through grant opportunities beyond the university where they bring their own funding.

The best way for students to find out if they're eligible for financial aid is to contact the department in which they were admitted. And they can contact the department chair, or they can contact the graduate program coordinator. So they can contact them by email, or they can come visit in person if they live nearby.

Applying for financial aid is something that's fairly easy for our students. They need to go through their program to ask to be nominated for some of those fellowships. We also try to make sure that our incoming students know about assistantships that are open to anyone on campus. We do that through email. We use Facebook to be in touch with our prospective students.

Students who have financial aid in the form of graduate assistantships work in their discipline in some way, doing something related to their field-- whether it's teaching, or research, or other work. All of our students that have financial aid in the form of a scholarship maintain a strong GPA. And we expect them to continue to make good progress towards degree completion. So they're taking their classes on time and doing well.