Life in Oxford


The best part about living in Oxford would have to be the community. It's one of the friendliest communities in the entire nation, without a doubt.

Normally graduate students live off campus, but I actually live on campus because of my graduate assistantship.

We're roommates in an off-campus apartment complex, and we really enjoy it. We've found it to be with great amenities. There's a lot to do. The students are always active.

It's really easy for me to get around campus in town, just because campus is definitely walkable.

There is an OUT bus system, which stands for Oxford University Transit. And then, we also have pedal bikes that you can rent on campus. And we have Lyft and Uber also as well as Zip Car.

This is a place where I chose to raise my family. I have four children, three girls and a boy. There are more things, extra curricular activities and opportunities for children, in Oxford, Mississippi than, I believe, in some urban centers all over the nation. It's also one of the safest communities in the entire nation.

All the downtown area on the square, as we call it, is great local culture food.

This morning, I had breakfast at Fill-Up with Billups. I go to Track 61. Then, there is Volta, which is Greek food. And then, there's also Jinsei that I love to go to for Wing Wednesday. Bowling is also fun to do, the movies.

And one of the big things that we have in Oxford is the Double Decker Arts Festival. Lots of walking around and shopping. Oh, and it's a music festival, too. So you can always see some great live music.

Come for a visit and spend two days in Oxford, Mississippi. Visit the square. See what it's like. Try one of our restaurants.

And more importantly, take a walk through our campus. I think it will shock you. Not only do we have one of the top three prettiest campuses in the nation, we actually have, I believe, the top college town anywhere across the entire globe.