Scholarly Work at UM



University of Mississippi is an amazing place to do scholarly work and research. We have probably over 50 different research centers. The larger ones that we have are our National Center for Physical Acoustics, our National Center for Natural Products Research, and our National Center for Hydroscience and Engineering.

We have a lot of unique lab space at our university, such as a full-lenth wind tunnel, thousands of square feet of laboratories for drug development, and even for drug testing in animals and in humans. And then, we have an off-campus research facility for studying wetlands.

Office of Research and Sponsored programs is an administrative unit here at the university that helps to provide support to human research ethics protections, how to apply for grants, how to manage the grants after they've been awarded.

Research Day, it's an annual event. It's basically a conference that the university puts on. Faculty and students come together and present their research.

We'll give each other talks. We'll have scientific speed dating, which is a lot of fun.

I particularly love it, because I often barely know what's happening in the hallway across from mine. So I love going there just to see what else is happening on campus.

The three-minute thesis competition is this communication contest. Your research, your thesis project, your dissertation, or whatever other research you are working on, communicate that in three minutes to an audience of the general public.

3MT is beyond a competition. It's really important for me to see how my work fits in the real world. It develops participant skills like public speaking and concise communication, which are now considered as essential elements of professional development.